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2016 General Rules and CONDUCT

1. Any fighting before, during, or after a racing event on any part of Callaway Raceways will not be tolerated. All offenders and the car or cars they are associated with, maybe subjected to a fine, disqualification or both and prosecuted.

2. No driver, crew member or others are allowed on the track or apron anytime during a race lineup or race to check out equipment in the car, to repair, or to discuss or argue a track situation with track officials or other participants. All offenders and the car or cars they are associated with, may be subject to a fine, disqualification or both.

3. NO PROFANE LANGUAGE is allowed in front of race fans, officials or management. All offenders and the car(s) they are associated with may be subject to a fine, disqualification or both.

4. No arguing with officials during the races. After final events situations could be addressed in a sensible manner.

5. All decisions by officials and management will be final.

6. Any obscene gestures to an official or representative of the track is subject to disqualification.

7. ABSOLUTELY NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES ARE ALLOWED TO BE CONSUMMED IN THE PITS UNTIL THE LAST RACE OF THE EVENING HAS BEEN COMPLETED AND ALL CARS ARE IN THE INFIELD. All offenders, and the car(s) they are associated with, may be subject to a fine, disqualification or both.


1. Everyone in the pit must purchase a pit pass and sign a waiver. Car and Driver may be disqualified and fines for pit crews not paying or signing waiver before entering pit area.

2. All cars must pack the track when requested. Failure to do so will result in whatever punishment is deemed reasonable by the officials and/ or management.

3. No one is allowed to ride on the cars. No exceptions.

4. No drivers or cars will be allowed to participate in racing events unless the minimum safety requirement for car and safety gear spelled out in the specification for that class are met.

5. Only the driver and one of his crew is allowed in the tech area. Failure to comply may result in a fine, disqualification or both.

6. If you are caught speeding in the pits: A. First offense will be disqualification for the night. B. Second offense will be disqualified and kicked out for two weeks. C. Third offense will be disqualified and not able to return to the track for the season.

7. Pay attention to officials on the track and they will tell you if you should be in single file of double file line, etc.

8. Pay attention to both flags and the lights.

9. Tech cars--Top five of each feature needs to go to tech area. Only one person with car in tech area. Failure to stay in tech area until tech is completed will result in disqualification.



10;.If black flag is pointed at you, that will be your one and only warning. If you see the black flag again , you will be sent to the pits.


11. Drivers or designated person need to draw for position as soon as possible and not later than 6:45 PM and must sign under the appropriate class. If you run in two classes you must pay for two pit passes. Must pay registration for each class. Points go to the driver not the car.


12. Position draw ends at 6:45 PM. Position draw will be done on the computer. If you arrive late you will start at the tail of a assigned heat race.

13. Heats or Features will start double file, side by side if flagmen must throw a yellow twice for a bad start both cars will go to the tail. If not in lineup when your division of cars is entering the track you will go to the tail. Line up will then move straight up.

14. If you stop on the track during yellow you will go to the rear. It's not "who" caused the yellow its who stops on the yellow. Line-up is by how you come out of the yellow, not how you were on the lap prior.

15. If you cause two yellows you will go th the pits--No ifs and, buts:

16. No brake checking on the track-keep up a steady pace while out on the track or get put to the tail.

17. If you stop on the track for any reason other than to tell officials of debris on the track, you will go to the back. Officials may not pull anything off of your car for you. If they see anything on your car that could be a safety issue, they will send you to the pits and you or your pit crew can fix the problem and then you may return to the track and will start in the back.

18. During the features we will allow two laps to get back in line for the green start. If you do not cooperate with the officials you will go to the tail.

19. If you are not lined up when time to go out on the track, they will stop an the back straight for a short time and then if you are not in position you will start in the back or not come on the field until a caution.


20. In the event of an accident NO-ONE but safety personnel and track officials of Callaway Raceways will be allowed on the track. -NO EXCEPTIONS.

21.. There will be a 30 minute time limit on all classes (except Pro-Mod) for the features every night. If you have a flat during the heat you go to the pits and not come back out. If you have a flat in the feature and bring out a yellow you will go to the pits and may come back in on a caution and start in the rear unless the yellow is your second, then you will to to the pits and stay. Special races with added laps, the time limit may be extended 15 minutes for every 10 laps. When time has lapped and under caution, there will be a green, white, checkers. If another caution, there will be a green, checkered

22. All decision by officials and management will be final.

23. Heat lap will have a maximum of 10 cars.



24. In the heat laps a solo spin that causes a caution the driver will be sent to the pits and same after 1 (one) unassisted solo caution in all preliminary events (heats, consolations and dashes).


25. Ruff driving will not be tolerated. You can be sent to the pits and disqualified or suspended for the rest of the season depending on the offense. There is a difference between racing and taking some one out on purpose. The call will be up to the officials.


26. In the interest of time and to promote a better program for race fans: WHITE FLAG... Preliminary Events (heats, consolations, dashes and features where the time limits has lapsed).


A. If the leader takes the white flag and the caution is displayed prior to the leader

crossing the checkered flag the race is scored as completed.


B. All cars that cross the start/finish line on the white flag lap are scored first.


C. Cars that did not cross the start/finish line on the white flag are scored as they

were running on the prior lap.


D. Cars that are involved in the caution are scored behind the cars that did not

complete the white flag lap and completed the same number of laps.


27. Restart in the features the #2 car will have the choice of starting inside or

outside the second row. Decision must be made when cars are lining up for



28. Minors entering the pits must have a minor release form signed by both parents

and notarized.

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