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2017 SPORTSMAN RULES at  Callaway Raceway


1. Any American made passenger car is eligible. Entire car and parts to remain stock (OEM), body, fender, and door panel may be replaced with sheet paneling, and safety related changes as shown herein such as reinforced wheel, bell
housing shield, drive shaft sling, fuel cell, etc. See weight rules for aluminum bodies.
2. Minimum stock wheelbase cars of 101" tolerance plus or minus 1 inch.
3. A 4-point roll cage made of a minimum of 1 1/2 inches or maximum of 2 1/2 inches diameter steel tubing with a minimum wall thickness of .095 inch. At least three horizontal door bars of same material required in each front door. Inner
door panels may be trimmed to accommodate door bars ONLY. Two (one on each side) support bars of same material attached to cage may go through the rear firewall or rear seat shelf and attach to frame. Two (one on each side)
support bars of same material attached to cage may go through front firewall to frame or body and wrap around radiator. A diagonal bar from middle of bar behind driver may run forward to right frame rail but must be attached
through floor pan (bar CANNOT pass through firewall). All welds must be in complete circumference of the pipe and NOT just spot welded. On the three horizontal door bars on the side, you do not need two bars, but you can add more bars if
you like. Must keep the side bars.
4. All doors must be welded shut. All glass and chrome must be removed; this includes headlights and taillights.
5. Rear bottom seat cushion and back of seat must be removed and all holes exposing the trunk area must be covered with sheet metal or aluminum.
6. Hood and trunk lid must be securely chained shut or the use of hood pins allowed instead. Two 6-inch holes in hood are optional for easy access in case of fire. No air cleaners protruding through hood without cover.
7. Steel floor pan on drivers side and must seal up floor pan on opposite side and rear. Firewalls can be fabricated but must be solid front and rear. Front wheel wells may be removed. NO sectioning, channeling or cutting allowed.
8. All body parts, including hood and trunk lid must be kept in place at all times while car is on the racetrack.
Fabricated steel doors and front fenders allowed. Plastic noses allowed and after-market bodies allowed, but must be stock appearing. IF YOU RUN STEEL, ALL BODY PARTS (doors, hood, fender, roof) MUST BE STEEL, IF ANY OF THESE PARTS ARE ALUMINUM OF ANY TYPE OF CAR, YOU WILL BE CONSIDERED ALUMINUM AND MUST MEET ALUMINUM WEIGHT REQUIREMENTS. The only exception to this the hood scoop maybe fabricated for either type.
9. Rear spoilers allowed .
10. Bumpers must be in stock position. Bars to run ONLY on front and rear. Bumper has to be bolted on bar if used.
11. Minimum of four steel safety bars must be installed in front of driver and may have screen securely attached in windshield area.



1. Stock A-arms on stock unaltered factory mounts. After market upper A-arms non-adjustable allowed. 2. Suspension parts must remain absolutely stock for the make, model and year of the car. Metric must be metric.ALL suspension arts must mount to original stock locations. Weight jack allowed. Racing springs and shocks allowed.
3. NO rear sway bars. If car originally came out with a rear sway bar, it must be taken off. Front sway bars allowed, but must be mounted in stock location.
4. Adjustable shackles or sliders on rear leaf springs be allowed. No adjustable lowering blocks. NO relocating front leaf spring eye.
5. Weight may be added in lead form ONLY, and must be attached securely with two 1/2 inch bolts. Weights must be painted white and the car number painted on it.

6. Absolutely NO SLIDERS.


1. Hoosier, E-Mod, A-40 ONLY 26.5 or 27.5 or IMCA Hoosier, American Racers, G-60 or Southwest Racing 60 Compound will be allowed. Asphalt takeoffs will be allowed. Siping will be allowed.
2. Maximum 8 or 10 inch steel racing wheel. NO mag or aluminum wheels allowed. Right front wheel must be reinforced with a double center or white spoke wheel may be used. White spoke wheels may be used all around on all four corners of the car. Bead lock right side of car ONLY (optional). Wheel discs (mud plugs) allowed, but must be bolted or welded. NO
DZU fasteners.



If fender to tire clearance becomes a problem, the fenders may be trimmed slightly. Inner fenders may be removed in front. Rear inner fenders optional, but they can be fabricated.


1. Engine must be strictly stock for make of car or may run a 604 crate motor .
2. Stock unaltered cast iron heads ONLY. NO aluminum heads or blocks. Roller cams and rocker arms allowed.
3. Engine set back tip of number one spark plug must be even or in front of upper ball joint. Oil pump must be in stock location and OEM.
4. Stock fuel pump. NO electric fuel pumps. Fuel pump must remain in stock location.
5. Holly 4412 2 barrel carburetor , must gauge 1 11/16 inches, gasoline ONLY. No aerosol or alcohol. Cast  iron or aluminum intake allowed.

6. Headers allowed. Mufflers REQUIRED.
7. Stock valve train MANDATORY. Periodic inspections will occur. Roller rockers and guide plates allowed.



1  Stock passenger car transmission ONLY, manual or automatic. Transmission coolers allowed. You may run an automatic with a coupler.

2.  May run a Bert, Brinn or Falcon but no reverse mount starters. If running a Bert, Brinn or Falcon “See Weight Rule”.



It is MANDATORY that ALL engines be equipped with an exploring proof bell housing and safety blanket for automatic, or if you prefer, you may construct a shield of at least 1/4 inch x 5 inch steel, covering the clutch area 360 degrees and be securely fastened. No aluminum bellhousing.



Drive shafts must be equipped with two 360 degree safety slings around the drive shaft constructed in such a manner as to contain the drive shaft in case of breakage. Material must be steel; at least 2 inches wide and 1/4 inch thick. All drive shafts must be painted white and have car number on it. Steel drive shafts ONLY.



Stock rear end for make and model of car. A Ford or Dana rear end may be switched with makes and models. Stock mounts must remain on car and rear end if you are switching. Positive track, limited slip or welded spiders allowed. Disc brakes, floater rear ends, and brake bias allowed.


Uprights and crossbars in front of radiator allowed, but must be behind grill.



2.  3000 with stock transmission

3.  3050 with Bert, Brinn or Falcon with driver in car


1. Fuel cells must be encased in approved metal container of no less than 20 guage steel or 1/2 inch aluminum. Fuel cells shall NOT be larger than 25 gallon capacity.
2. Fuel cells must be mounted between frame rails in the trunk as far forward as possible, using four 2 inch x 1/8 inch metal straps, two in each direction. Fuel cells must NOT extend below the center line of the rear axle.
3. Fuel cells must be equipped with a drag loop extending below the bottom of the cell.
4. Trunk floor may be altered for fuel cell installation ONLY; hole in floor only large enough to allow for cell to protrude through.
5. Must have a roll-over valve in fuel cell.



Approved aluminum racing seat is MANDATORY.


Only one automotive type battery allowed. Battery may be relocated to driver's compartment but must be securely fastened to floor or frame in a leak-proof container.



All cars must have an approved window net attached in driver's door window of ribbon or mesh style. Driver must be able to reach quick release.



4 or 5 point, 3 inch, competition belts and harness REQUIRED. Mounting of seat belts must be secure and will be closely inspected. Driver must be able to reach quick release. Must change every 2 years



Cars must have front and rear pick up chain attached to frame. The purpose of this chain is to allow easy hook up to racecar by a wrecker if the car becomes disabled on the racetrack.



1. Helmet and driver's suits must be worn at all times the racecar is on the racetrack or in motion. Helmets must be Snell 95 or M95 or newer certification. Helmets must have the rating tag/label intact.
2. A 1 or 2 piece fire retardant driver's suit must be worn.
3. Neck brace, racing gloves, and racing shoes or leather fire retardant shoes are MANDATORY. NO plastic or vinyl shoes allowed.



Paint in contrasting color on each door and roof 3 inches wide and 18 inches high, and on left front and right rear of car, a readable number at least 5 inches high and 1 inch wide.



NO rearview mirrors of any kind. NO radio communication or sound equipment allowed.

Note you can also use aluminum bodies. Note weight changes.

Revised 12/2015

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