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2017 rules for Jr. Hornets at Callaway Raceway

Purpose: To provide a class where young drivers can master their driving skills in a safe, fair and competitive program.


 The Jr. Hornet Division of Callaway Raceway will be governed by a committee. This committee’s responsibility is to ensure the class adheres to all of the rules set below and to have a “buck stops here” responsibility.

2016 Committee Members were as follows:

Terry Edwards 573.220.3127

John Canada 573.310.4555

Bruce Schull 573.474.5819

Bub Wilcox 573.690.8458

Scott Lunceford 573.253.0883


This class is for beginners. The class is designed so that the drivers will learn and have fun. Drivers must be within the age bracket of 10-15 years old. To qualify to run in this class, drivers must meet the age bracket on the first day of March of the current running year. Once you race in this class, if you move forward to another class, you may not return to this class.


  1. Must be American made only. ( Mustang, Pinto, S10, Ranger
  2. Must be rear wheel drive only.
  3. Must be completely stock as manufactured including body. (Must be stock OEM), Engine, Drive Train, and Suspension unless otherwise noted below. Pickup trucks may have bedsides and tail gate only as long as the bed top is covered. Ie. Bed floor may be removed.
  4. No four wheel drive, two seat compact cars, Volkswagens, convertible or high performance cars. No turbo charged or rotary powered cars or truck. No mid or rear engine vehicles.
  5. Body and frame must be from same make and model vehicle. Frames may be repaired as long as suspension remains in stock location.
  6. No altering of computers or chips in any way.
  7. All cars must have a six point roll cage with a minimum of 1 ½ .095 OD wall round steel tubing. No square, galvanized, aluminum or exhaust like tubing. All cars must have 6X6 - 3/16” square plate bolted to top and bottom of floor pan with cage welded to plate. All bars must be welded a full 360 degree. No tack welding allowed.
  8. Minimum of four bars inside driver’s door. X bar behind driver. Driver’s side door plate is Mandatory with a minimum thickness of 18 gauge .049 sheet metal. Also Mandatory 1 ½ X .095 OD wall tubing behind driver’s seat below driver shoulder height. Extra bracing inside cockpit is allowed. Recommended five vertical bars in front of driver in the windshield area. Seat belts are to be fastened to bars behind driver.
  9. Petty Bar a MUST!
  10. X bar on right side of vehicle.
  11. Must have a bar from center of rear hoop to right lower corner.
  12. Trucks must have two bars coming down from halo and plated to bed or thru holes in bed to frame rail.
  13. You may cut drivers door for ease of entering vehicle.
  14. Front firewall must be stock and in stock position. All holes in front firewall must be sealed. Rear Firewall may be fabricated.
  15. The following panels are allowed to be gutted. Hood, Roof, Trunk Lid, Doors and Inner Quarter Panels. If it burns take it off!
  16. After market pedals are allowed to fit driver.
  17. All glass and exterior trim including body molding must be removed.
  18. Hood and trunk must be safely secured.
  19. Doors must be securely fastened. ( Bolted or Welded shut)
  20. Drivers compartment must be completely gutted, however you may fabricate an interior similar to a modified or late model.
  21. No rear view mirrors.
  22. Stock bumpers may be used and may be reinforced between frame rails. Inside bumpers can me made with 1 ½” OD tubing maximum. No angle iron. Square tubing bumpers allowed on front or rear, 1 ½” square minim 2”x3” maximum. Rear bumper must top and bottom loop minum of 12” maximum of 28” from ground. Front bumper must be capped with stock type bumper unless using plastic aftermarket nose.
  23. Must have chains or loops on front and rear of vehicle for emergency crew pickup. It must be securely fastened to frame horns.
  24. Original grill may be removed, but screen wire or expanded metal must be installed to retain stock appearance. If grill is made of hard plastic it must be removed. After market noses are allowed.
  25. Emergency kill switches must be mounted in center of dash. 


  1. No Quick steer.
  2. Quick disconnect steering wheels may be used.
  3. No modifications are to be made to front lower control arms.

Wheels Tires and Brakes

  1. 8” Steel wheels mandatory. Bead locks are recommended on right side front and rear. Oversized lug nuts are mandatory on all wheels. No wheel spacers or aluminum wheels.
  2. Any DOT street, 8” sidewall maximum. May run modified or Mod light takeoff tires consistent with Callaway Raceways track rules. Grooving of tires is allowed.
  3. Stock brake system for make and model of car only. Must have all brake functioning at all times. No brake adjusters.

Engine and Drive Train

  1. Engine must be BONE STOCK and in stock position. No altering of any kind.
  2. Stock Cam shaft only. NO ROLLERS. Do degreable cam gears.
  3. Stock rotating assembly. NO PARTING AND POLISHING.
  4. Heads may be trued to accommodate for warping. A maximum of 40,000 shaved. We will check with gauge.
  5. Engine must be for make of vehicle being used, ie Ford-Ford GM-GM Chevy-Chevy.
  6. Factory carburetor or stock 350 Holly may be used. A Maximum of 1” adapter plate may be used between manifold and carburetor
  7. No aftermarket intakes may be used. FACTORY FORD OR GM ONLY.
  8. Stock exhaust or header with a maximum of 1 ¾” tube. Exhaust may not run thru driver’s compartment.
  9. No aluminum flywheels. Stock type clutch, pressure plate and flywheel. Flywheel may not be drilled or shaved. However it may be surfaced. No triple disc clutches or ram clutches.
  10. Stock transmission ONLY. Rear end gears are OK to change.
  11. Must have a scatter shield of steel no lighter than ¼”x 6” steel mounted to transmission bell housing or to the floor pan.
  12. All vehicles must have a working starter.
  13. Locked rear ends allowed.
  14. Weight jacks allowed. Car or truck must use same type suspicion as it came out of factory. Aftermarket shocks and springs allowed. Trucks may weld shock mounts to top of upper A arms to accommodate aftermarket shocks.
    15. No MSD boxes. Stock ignition only.

Fuel Systems

  1. Fuel cells MANDATORY and must be strapped with a minim of two metal straps. Cells must be mounted in trunk of car or bed of truck.
  2. Fuel cells must be mounted in a canister of minimum 22 gauge steel.
  3. Must have a rollover valve in fuel cell.
  4. Stock pumps preferred however, Electronic pumps are allowed with a mandatory roller switch.



  1. Pump gas ONLY. No race fuel, alcohol, or additives.
  2. Batteries must be securely mounted. Marine type box are Mandatory.
  3. Drive shafts may be painted black with the car number in black. Drive shaft loop required.
  4. Aluminum racing seats ONLY. No fiberglass seats. 5 point racing type belts not older than 3 years are mandatory. Seat belts must be secured to roll cage.
  5. Driver’s side window net is MANDATORY. Must be ribbon type. (NO STRING NETS ALLOWED). Net must be able to quick release by driver.
  6. Working fire extinguisher are mandatory. It must be securely fastened in drivers compartment within drivers reach.
  7. Fire retardant driver’s suits (top and bottom or one piece), neck brace, retardant shoes and gloves Mandatory.
  8. Helmets must be 1 of the 3 latest Snell approved full head coverage competition type. Helmet must be worn at all times while the car is on the track and must accompany driver at the time of inspection.
  9. Any added weight must be securely mounted with the minim of two- ½” Bolts/Nuts. Painted white with the car number on them in black.
  10. All vehicles must pass a safety inspection by tech inspector prior to being allowed to race. Any refusals to an inspection will automatically DQ you for the week.
  11. Vehicle must be numbered in the following manner. Roof a Minimum of 18” tall in contrasting color. Doors 15” to 18” tall. Top right corner of windshield or in place of the right headlight 5” tall. All numbers must be easy to read and in contrasting colors from paint job.
  12. 3 spins only in Feature.
  13.  Only 1 spin in Heat Race
    14. There is a 160 lb compression rule. NO TOLLERANCE.


Claim Rule

  1. $250.00 motor claim long block only.
  2. $50.00 carb only claim
  3. Any driver doing a claim must have money ready at time of claim. Claim must be done as soon as the feature is over. Any driver refusing a claim will be suspended for two weeks and loss of points for the night as well as 4 weeks prior to the night.

 Revised 12/2015


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