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2017  Hornet Class Callaway Raceway

1. Any inline 4-cylinder, 2 or 4 door compact American automotive or S Model pickup (regular cab), including front or rear wheel drive, (excluding convertibles and jeeps) with a single cam 4-cylinder engine may be run. (No Geo Metros, Prism, or Storms)
2. Must be completely stock as manufactured including engine, drive train and suspension, unless otherwise noted below.
3. NO 4-wheel drive vehicles, 2-seat compact cars, Volkswagens, convertibles nor high performance cars. NO turbo charged nor rotary powered cars or trucks. NO mid or rear engine vehicles.
4. Extended cabs are acceptable as long as they have a 94 to 112 inch wheel base.
5. Body and frame must be from same make and model of vehicle.
6. NO altering of computers nor chips in any way.
7. Anyone caught cheating will be disqualified. NO EXCEPTIONS.
8. ALL body parts must be stock OEM. Bodies must remain basically stock.
9. You may cut driver's door for ease of entering vehicle.
10. Dash must be removed, but can be replaced with a fabricated dash. (optional)
11. Front firewall must be stock. All holes in front firewall must be sealed. Rear firewall may be fabricated. Hatchback cars must fabricate a rear firewall to protect driver from the fuel cell.
12. The following panels are allowed to be gutted: hood, roof, trunk lid, doors, inner quarter panels, fenders and tailgate. All insulation and any other combustible material must be removed. IF IT WILL BURN, TAKE IT OFF!
13. Steering and pedals must remain stock.
14. Dash may be modified for roll cage clearance.
15. All glass and exterior trim and body molding must be removed.
16. Hood and trunk must be safely secured.
17. Doors must be securely fastened (bolted or welded shut).
18. Driver compartment must be completely gutted, however, you may fabricate an interior similar to a modified or late model.
19. NO rear view mirrors.
20. Stock bumpers made of steel may be used and may be reinforced between frame rails. Inside bumpers can be made with 1 1/2 inch OD tubing maximum. NO angle iron. Square tubing bumpers allowed on front or rear, 1 1/2 inch square minimum, 2x3 inches maximum. Must have top and bottom loop, minimum of 12 inches and maximum of 28 inches from ground. Front bumper must be capped with stock type bumper unless using plastic aftermarket nose.
21. All cars recommended to have 6-point roll cage with a minimum of 1 1/2 x .095 OD wall minimum round steel tubing but must have a minimum of 4-point roll cage. No square, galvanized aluminum nor exhaust-like tubing. ALL uni-body cars must have either a 6x6x3/16 inch minimum plate bolted to top and bottom of floor pan and cage must be welded to plate OR sub-frame connector made of a minimum of 1 1/2x.095 OD square tubing bolted or welded to frame. Cage may be welded to sub-frame connector. NO bars may pass through firewall, forward nor rear.
22. Minimum of 3 bars inside driver's door. X bar behind driver. Driver side door plate is MANDATORY with a minimum thickness of 18 gauge .049 sheet metal. Recommended 1 1/2 x .095 OD wall behind driver's seat below shoulder height. Extra bracing inside the cockpit is allowed. Recommended 3 vertical bars in front of driver in the windshield area.
23. Petty bar is a MUST.
24. X bar on right side of vehicle.
25. Must have a bar from center or rear hoop to right front lower corner.
26. Trucks must have 2 bars coming down from the halo and plated to the bed or through holes in the bed to the frame rails.
27. Door panels must be trimmed for roll cage clearance ONLY.
28. Must have chain or some way of picking up vehicle from front and rear. It must be securely fastened to the front and rear frame horns.
29. Original grill may be removed, but screen wire or expanded metal must be installed to retain stock appearance. If grill is made of hard plastic, it must be removed. Aftermarket noses are allowed.
30. Rub rails may be used, but not to exceed 1 1/2 OD. Ends must be capped as to not allow another vehicle to get hooked on rail. NO sharp edges. Must be no more than 3 inches from side vehicle.
31. Kill switch must be on left side of dash.


1. Stock steering for make and model ONLY.
2. Quick disconnect steering wheels may be used.
3. No modifications are to be made to the front lower arms.


1. 8 inch steel wheels are allowed. Oversized lug nuts are recommended on all corners, but MANDATORY on right front. NO wheel spacers nor aluminum wheels of any kind (stock or otherwise).
2. Any DOT street legal tire is permitted, 8 1/2 inch sidewall maximum. May run modified or MOD-LITE take off tires consistent with Callaway Track rules. Grooving of tires is allowed.
3. Stock brake system for make and model of car ONLY. Must have brakes on at least 3 wheels and must be functioning at all times. NO brake adjusters.
4. No donuts.
5. Same wheels size on all 4 corners. (optional)


1. Engine must be in stock position. NO offset or lowering.
2. Engine must be for make of vehicle being used (Chevy to Chevy, Ford to Ford, GM to GM).
3. Factory stock carburetors or up to a Holly 500 2-barrel with a maximum of 2 inch spacer and/or adaptor plate is allowed. 1 1/3 inch Venturi rule applies.
4. Aftermarket intakes may be used. Must be for type of vehicle you are racing. Must be reduced to a single barrel carburetor.
5. Compression checks will be performed randomly. May NOT exceed 180 lbs. compression.
6. Any exhaust may be used. Must exit completely from vehicle without pointing straight down. Mufflers are highly recommended.
7. Heads must be a stock part from the manufacturer. Oversized valves are allowed. Head can be decked for trueness. Head must be for type of vehicle being used (Chevy to Chevy, Ford to Ford, GM to GM).
8. Block may be bored for cylinder trueness. May run aftermarket rods. Aftermarket rod bolts allowed. Motor can be bored, . Aftermarket pistons may be used, flat top and dished pistons ONLY.
9. Must use stock OEM crank shaft. Balancing is allowed, however, NO lightening or knife edging. Must be stock OEM for vehicle being used.
10. Aftermarket cam allowed with the EXCEPTION of NO aftermarket roller cams. Stock roller cams allowed.
11. May use aftermarket or fabricated oil pan.
12. Aftermarket pulleys allowed.
13. NO aluminum flywheels. Stock type clutch, pressure plate and flywheel. Flywheel may NOT be shaved or drilled, however, may be surfaced. NO triple disc clutch.
14. Stock transmission ONLY. All forward and reverse gears must be operational.
15. Must have a scatter shield either mounted to transmission bell housing or to the floor pan, 1/4 x 6 inch steel.
16. May use aftermarket ignition/distributor. No magnetos.
17. Radiator may be relocated from original position, but must stay in engine compartment. If moved, it must be shielded from driver.
18. All vehicles must have a working starter.
19. Locked rear ends allowed.
20. Weight jacks allowed. Car or truck must use same type suspension that it came out of the factory with. Racing style shocks allowed. NO coil overs nor coil eliminators. May add coil spring with weight jack to leaf spring vehicles. May run mono leaf springs. NO sliders.
21. No rear adjusting springs or lead springs.


1. Fuel cells are MANDATORY and must be strapped down with a minimum of 2 metal straps and must be in the trunk of the car or bed of the truck.
2. Must have a firewall between driver and the fuel cell. If the cell is in the bed of the truck the fuel cell must be covered.
3. Fuel cells must be in a canister made of a minimum of 22 guage steel.
4. Must have roll-over valve in fuel cell.


1. Pump gas or race fuel ONLY. NO alcohol or additives.
2. Batteries must be securely mounted in the trunk or bed of vehicle. Marine type boxes MANDATORY.
3. A kill switch mounted on a panel to the left of the steering wheel is MANDATORY.
4. Drive shafts must be painted white with the vehicle number on them in black paint. Rear wheel drive vehicles must have one loop located within 12 inches of the rear of the transmission.
5. Aluminum racing seats ONLY. NO fiberglass seats. 5 point racing type seat belts NOT over 3 years old are MANDATORY. Seat belts must be secured to roll cage.
6. Driver side window net is MANDATORY. NO string type nets. Net must be able to quick release by driver.
7. Working fire extinguishers are MANDATORY. It must be securely fastened inside driver's compartment within driver's reach.
8. Fire retardant driving suits (top and bottom or 1 piece) and neck braces are MANDATORY. Fire retardant shoes and gloves are optional.
9. Helmets must be 1 of the 3 latest Snell approved full head coverage competition types. Helmet must be worn at all times the car is on the track and must accompany driver at time of inspection. 10. Any added weight must be securely mounted with 2 each-1/2 bolts/nuts, painted white and have the car number in black on them.
11. All vehicles must pass a safety inspection, by a tech inspector, before being allowed to race.
12. Vehicles must be numbered in the following manner: Roof, a minimum of 18 inches tall in a contrasting color. Doors, 15-18 inches tall, top right corner of windshield or 5 inches tall in place of right headlight. All numbers must be easy to read and in contrasting color from paint job.
13.Weight limits: 1.8 (1800 pounds) : 2.0 (2000 pounds): 2.2 (2200 pounds): 2.3 (2300 pounds): 2.5 ( 2500 pounds).
14.IMPORTANT NOTE: A driver winning any two feature races at any time during the racing season will start in the rear of all following features. If more than one driver wins two features, they will be placed in the back in the order in which they finish their heat. Any driver winning 2 track championships. (consecutive or otherwise) will need to move up a class and will no longer be eligible to race in this class for 2 years.

Revised 12/2015

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