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 2017  B-Modified Rules 



1. American compact passenger car only, such as Pinto, Vega, Monza, Gremlin, Daytona, Mustang II, etc. Fiberglass or metal duplicates may be used by must be recognizable as factory production, and must have a complete paint job.

2. Original roofline of body must be maintained with a maximum 2 inch drop rear to front. Top to be rounded in all directions. NO flat tops.

3. All cars must have full floorboards and firewalls, both front and rear.

4. All cars must have sheeting of some sort at rear of car at trunk area.

5. Rear bumper to deck lid enclosed. Should be solid panel at least 8 inches high and include car number. Need a rear filler panel, one piece, 8 inches from frame to frame and firmly secured.

6. Driver and passenger side windows must have at least a 12 inch vertical opening. Driver's window must have approved window net.

7. NO wind spoilers or deflectors are allowed of any kind or wings or any other type of air/ground effects anywhere inside or outside the car.

8. NO protruding objects allowed.

9. All cars must have large legible numbers on both doors and on top in contrasting color from body. Numbers must be at least 4 inches thick and 18 inches high. Legible car number at least 5 inches high and 1 inch thick on front and rear.

10. Bodies should extend no further forward than back of block.

11. Minimum of 3 safety bars must be installed in front of driver, and may have screen attached.



1. Factory production complete full American passenger frames only.

2. Frame rails must extend to a point beyond the base of driver's seat.

3. Rear clip may be fabricated out of tubing.

4. Front and rear pick-up loop required; otherwise bumpers or other pick-up point will be used.


1. Front suspension must match frame and be in stock location.

2. Parts must be replaceable from stock OEM type parts from same type suspension except upper A-frame and A-frame mount. Tube type upper A-frame may be used. Fabricated A-frame mount may be used but must be in stock location. Lower A frame CANNOT be altered.

3. Stock passenger car spindles ONLY. NO fabricated spindles.

4. Adjustable strut bars may be used on front end ONLY.

5. Coil over shocks allowed either front or rear. One shock per wheel.

6. Steering box must be stock OEM type and be in stock location. NO rack & pinion steering. NO center steering.

7. Adjustable sway bars allowed.

8. Rear suspension may be either leaf or coil springs or combination. Minimum diameter of coil spring shall NOT be less than 4 1/2 inches outside diameter. Coil over springs and coil over shocks allowed.

9. Mechanical weightjacks allowed on both front and rear. NO aluminum components.

10. Fiberglass leaf springs are allowed.

11. Heim joint ends are allowed.


1. Must consist of continuous hoops not less than 1 1/2 inches outside diameter and must have a wall thickness of at least .095 inch.

2. Must be frame mounted in at least 6 places. Body mounted roll cages NOT acceptable.

3. Must consist of configuration of front and rear hoops connected by tubing on sides or side hoops in a manner deemed acceptable by the inspector.

4. Driver’s head must NOT protrude above cage with helmet on while strapped in driver's seat.

5. Roll cage must have a 3/16 inch inspection hole in non critical area. Must have at least 3 horizontal bars at driver's door welded to front and rear of roll cage members.


1. Bumpers must be used front and rear.

2. Front bumper must be mounted on frame end and be of a semicircle configuration with the bottom loop parallel to the ground. Front bumper must be 10 inches highfrom bottom bar to top of top bar. Material must be 1 1/4 inch minimum, 2 inch maximum O.D. steel pipe.

3. Rear bumpers may be constructed of pipe, square tubing, but must NOT have sharp edges. Rear bumpers and nerf bars must NOT extend beyond the width of rear tire. Bumpers must be able to support car when lifted by wrecker.



1.108 inches. ZERO tolerance.



1. Wheel width must NOT exceed 8 inches.

2. NO aluminum wheels.

3. Beadlockes allowed on all four.

4. Wheel discs (Mud Plugs)allowed but must be bolted or welded. NO DZU fasteners.
WEIGHT Minimum weight is 2500 pounds with driver after the race



1. HOOSIER 26.5 A-40 OR 27.5 A-40 or IMCA hoosier. Americian racer G-60 or KK 704. Stamped or non-stamped tire legal. All non-stamped tires must be asphalt.

2. NO softening of any tires. Southwest Speed racing 60 compound allowed. Medium or hard tires ONLY (no soft compound).

3. Maximum tire width of 9 inches mounted on a conventional one piece steel wheel with a maximum width of 8 inches. Tires may be grooved and/or siped. Must use the same tires for feature as was used in the qualifing heat.


1. Any passenger car type or truck rear end may be used.

2. Must have steel bird cage, quick change rear in  with steel tubes allowed but no changing gears at the track.

3. Floater rear ends are allowed.


1. All engines must be equipped with an explosion proof bellhousing and safety blanket for automatic. Steel Bellhousing when using Bert Brinn etc. If not available for your engine or if you prefer, you may construct a shield of at least 1/4 inch by 6 inch steel covering the clutch area 360 degrees and be securely fastened.



1.  NO aluminum heads or aluminum blocks allowed. NO Rev Kits or roller cams allowed. NO ENGINE CLAIM!

1. Rear of engine (bellhousing flange) must be at least 72 inches forward from the centerline of the rear axle. The center of the crankshaft must be within 2 1/2 inches of centerline of the ball joints.


1. Gasoline ONLY. NO oxygen bearing additives.

2. NO pressurized fuel systems or electric fuel pumps.

3. Fuel cells MANDATORY.

4. Fuel cells must be encased in an approved metal container of no less than 20-gauge steel or 1/8 inch aluminum. Fuel cells must not be below the rear housing.

5. Fuel cells must be mounted between frame rails as far forward as possible and using four, 2 inch by 1/8 inch metal straps, two in each direction.

6. Bumper must be equipped with a drag loop extending below bottom of the cell.



1. OEM production type transmissions will be allowed: three speeds, four speeds, and automatic. No five speed.

2. No in and out boxes. No buttons or couplers.

3. Bert, Brinn, Jerico or Falcon transmission allowed.

4. Transmissions must have at least one forward and one reverse gear, plus a neutral position and must be able to be shifted by driver. All race cars must join lineup on demand, unaided, or go to the rear of the race.


1. Drive shafts must be equipped with two 360-degree safety slings around the drive shaft constructed in such a manner as to contain the drive shaft in case of breakage.

2. Material must be steel at least 2 inches wide and 1/4 inch thick.

3. All drive shafts must be painted white and have car number on it.


1. Any OEM 2 barrel carburetor allowed. Holley 500 2 barrel allowed (naturally aspirated ONLY). 2 barrel aerosol carburetor allowed.

2. NO four barrel carburetor allowed except with a crate motor. NO dominator carburetor allowed.

3. Gas ONLY carburetorsay run .


1. Any collector type header allowed.

2. Exhaust must be directed away from areas of possible fuel spillage.

3. NO zoomies.

4. Mufflers with manufacturer's stated DBA rating of 98 or less is MANDATORY.



1. Engine must have working starter and must be capable of starting car on demand.


1. NO magnetos or crank triggered ignitions.


1. Disc or drum brakes may be used front and rear.

2. NO aluminum disc or brake calipers allowed.

3. Brakes must be operational on all 4 wheels and must lock up all 4 wheels during the test





1. Extra capacity oil pans are permitted.

2. NO dry sumps allowed.


1.  All batteries must be mounted in a safe manner.


1. Racing seat MANDATORY.

2. All cars must be equipped with an approved quick release type seat belt and shoulder harness securely fastened to frame and roll cage. Seat belt material should be at least 3 inches wide and can NOT be older than 3 years.

3. Seat and steering wheel may be located to suit driver’s taste, but must be kept on left side of car. NO center steer.



1. Helmets are required and must be worn at all times car is on the track.

2. All drivers must wear firesuits of a flame-retardant nature. 2-piece suits are allowed.

3. Fire resistant gloves and neck braces are MANDATORY. Fire resistant boots are highly recommended.


1. A kill switch is required within easy reach of the driver. This switch must be clearly marked OFF and ON.

2. All cars must be equipped with a minimum 2 pound dry powder type fire extinguisher securely mounted within easy reach of the driver.

3. Weights and/or loose objects are not allowed in the driver's compartment. Any weights added to other areas of the car must be securely bolted through mount, must be painted white, and have car number clearly painted on it.

4. All cars must be equipped with quick release type window net on driver's door even with Hohn device.

5. NO rear view mirrors of any kind.

6. NO radio communication or sound equipment of any kind.

7. NO digital instrumentation.


Revised 12/2015

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